All About Freshness and Quality

Our Products and Quality Standards

At Genji, we pride ourselves on starting with the highest quality ingredients to make our superior sushi and Japanese-inspired dishes. Our products are always free of artificial preservatives, coloring, flavor-enhancers, and hydrogenated fats. These high standards are inseparable from our core values, and set us apart from our competitors.

Our roots are firmly-grounded in Japanese cuisine & culture. Some of our items are traditional, such as Salmon or Tuna Nigiri; others are modern, like the Vegetable Salad Dressing Rolls or our Guacamole Gunkan. No matter what, our master chefs stay true to their authentic Japanese heritage in creating menu items.

Addressing the Concern of Mercury Levels in Bluefin Tuna and Overfishing

We are passionate about providing only the healthiest and freshest cuisine to our customers. Bluefin tuna, being one of the ocean’s largest species of fish, accumulate more toxins and have been found to be relatively high in mercury. In addition, Bluefin populations are being depleted throughout the world due to overfishing.

To protect consumer health and help conserve marine life, we do not use Bluefin tuna in our products. Genji uses only Yellowfin Tuna, which contains less amounts of mercury than its larger cousins, and has an ideal texture, color and taste for sushi. As part of our mission to seek out environmentally-friendly sources, we also have introduced Pacific Northwest Wild Albacore Tuna, which experts agree is one of the leading sustainably caught fishes. All the albacore in Genji’s sushi and sashimi, comes from the cold Pacific waters, where the migrating fish are between the ages of 2-5 years old, and have not had time to accumulate significant amounts of mercury. Mercury levels in such fish are at minimal trace or non-detectable levels.

In our most recent independently conducted lab test, the mercury content in Genji’s yellowfin tuna resulted in a yield of 0.280 parts per million, well below the 1.0 action level.

For more information regarding tuna and mercury, click here.

Our Suppliers:

Only the most-respected suppliers who are able to meet our rigorous requirements are invited to work with us. Our suppliers must provide letters of guarantee, certifying the quality of their products and share our commitment to quality, freshness, taste, nutrition, and safety.

We also conduct independent lab tests on an ongoing basis. This dual cross-check system helps us ensure that the products which we serve our customers are consistent with our promise of high quality, safety, nutritional value, freshness and taste.

In addition to our partnership with suppliers like Black Pearl and American Tuna, we are seeking out seasonal wild-caught fish and organic ingredients to offer our customers the freshest and purest sushi and Japanese-inspired dishes.